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    Carlisle's disability charity supporting local disabled people since 1999.

                                 AND MANAGE ACCOUNT SERVICES

The new number for the DaCE Payroll and Managed Account Service is

                                                  01228 317070

IMPORTANT: You can now only access our Benefits Advice Service by ringing

                                                 01228 672446

This is the only number you should use. No other DaCE phone number will help you access the Benefits Service.


DaCE has been awarded a new contract to provide Direct Payments support for children with disabilities throughout Cumbria.

You can now follow us on our Facebook page  @disabilityassociation  for updates about our Direct Payments and Payroll services.

The Disability Association Carlisle & Eden and the Centre for Independent Living are now located in the centre of Carlisle on St Nicholas Street. 

Welcome to Disability association Carlisle & Eden working in Cumbria to support disabled people's independence

DaCE is the home of support for stress-free Direct Payments, offering the full range of support and guidance for anyone employing their own PAs or managing their own Direct Payment or Personal Budget.

DaCE is a user-led organisation of local disabled people established in Carlisle in 1999 to provide services and support for disabled people who live and work in Cumbria. DaCE is a local organisation that only exists to support local disabled people and their families and carers and as a not-for-profit charity all of our funds are spent on providing support for people in Cumbria.  

DaCE has a number of offices but our main base is in the centre of Carlisle on St Nicholas Street very close to junction 42 of the M6, and a stone's throw from Scotland. 

John Atkinson, along with his trusty guide dog companion, is our receptionist at the Carlisle office.

Cumbria is a very large area geographically and mainly rural, with all of the problems that are normally associated with rural areas, namely isolation, lack of access, especially where public transport is concerned, inadequate service and support infrastructure, absence of locally accessible advice and information, and, of course, poor awareness of the issues facing disabled people. It is these barriers to full inclusion in society which we work to combat.    


At DaCE our aim is to involve local disabled people in developing, managing and running the services local people need. We also want to provide the support disabled people need in order to achieve greater independence, and as part of this we have now established a Centre for Independent Living(CIL) in Carlisle. This has only been possible with the help of Cumbria County Councillor Stewart Young, an ardent campaigner for better opportunities so that disabled people can take control of their own lives. 

There are a wide range of services available from our offices throughout the county. The pages on this website describe some of our projects and activities. If you want to know more about any of these please contact us. You can e-mail us at DaCEbase@aol.com or directly from this web-site if you go to the contacts page. Alternatively you can call us on 01228 674882. 

Fred Wilenius is our Chief Officer.

Thelma Waite looks after DaCE's Accounts and Finances, monitoring all of our financial comings and goings as well as sending out invoices and receiving payments. 

The rest of the DaCE staff team include Welfare Benefits Advisers, Independent Living Co-ordinators, Independent Living Advisers, Payroll Officers, Training Officer, Project Development Officer - all working to support local disabled people. You can meet them all on our website, or pop in to see us in Carlisle.

For details of our offices in Carlisle and Barrow see the contacts page.

For all general enquiries or just to learn more about DaCE call our Carlisle office: 01228 674882.

If you would like to help us in our work by volunteering or becoming a member of our Management Committee why not get in touch.