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DaCE has a range of services which are aimed at supporting disabled people to live independent lives. These include the payroll service and the 3rd party accounts and other services such as the provision of disability aids, welfare benefits advice and the CRB checking service all of which can help people be independent.   

DaCE Support Services

Through our Support Service we provide a wide range of support for disabled people and carers who want to live indepedently, would like to manage their own Direct Payment or Personal Budget, or a support package they pay for privately, but need some guidance and help to do it.                   

DaCE's Independent Living Co-ordinators can help with recruiting staff (personal assistants) and assist with managing the staff once they are in place. Combined with our 3rd party account managing service (Independent Account Administration) we offer a comprehensive service for anyone wishing to set up and manage their own care package. Our staff are on hand to answer any queries, help you deal with any issues and generally point you in the right direction so that you can get the best out of living independently.

Lynn Craig manages the Support Service:


Her team of Independent Living Co-ordinators includes:

Kieron Park, Carlisle                                                            

Tel: 01228  401952

Deborah Hutchinson, Barrow and South Lakes

and Chris Thorpe, Barrow & South Lakes

Tel: 01229 870272

Angela Woodburn, West Cumbria

Tel: 01946 825550